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a call to wymyn:

I’m asking for submissions to be included in a compilation zine exploring what it is like to be a feminist/radical womyn. Unmasking the stereotypes, letting wymyn speak for ourselves.
When have you felt your highest, as a feminist, as a womyn? When have you felt your lowest?
What is like to be a feminist among different communities you are involved in (e.g. GLBT, punk, radical/progressive, religious)? Our general society?
Have you ever been made victim because of your strong standings?
What are your fondest memories as a feminist?
When does the feminist/strong womyn inside you feel most inspired?

Don’t limit yourself to these questions—let your creativity run free! Don’t hesitate to send in anything relating to such a theme—essays, prose, poetry, stories, but also visual art. If you have any photos of feminist gatherings or demonstrations, that would be greatly appreciated as well!

Please submit by February 21, 2005 at:

all submitters will receive a copy of the zine, so be sure to include an address/PO Box where it can be sent.
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