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a word from your moderator

Hey dahhlings. i've officially taken over xwhorecorex, and i promise to do good things, like spark conversation, bring in new members, and jazz up the layout. all in due time.

for now, i have a friendly public service announcement:

"US Women at Greatest Risk of Sexual Disease: Study"
Reuters (01.26.05)
In a new report, CDC researchers found that US residents - especially females - are
more likely to die earlier and to experience adverse health due to sexual behavior than
people in other rich countries. In their attempt to create the first comprehensive findings
on the health burden related to US sexual behavior, the researchers found that some 20
million cases of adverse health events and 29,745 deaths in the United States were STD-
"The research showed the sexual behavior attributable health burden is about three
fold higher in the U.S. than other developed countries," said CDC's Dr. Shahul Ebrahim,
a study author. The health burdens included infertility, abortions and infections such as
gonorrhea, he said. "All of it is totally preventable and that's the message."
Women comprised 62 percent of all adverse health events, and the majority of
female deaths were related to cervical cancer and HIV. Deaths from curable STDs were
rare for both women and men. The full report, "Sexual Behaviour: Related Adverse
Health Burden in the United States," was published in Sexually Transmitted Infections

NOW...that's not to say we shouldn't fuck all we want and revel in every minute of it. live it up! but use condoms and please, please, please be tested. wanna know why? go over to hpv! the numbers of HPV infected women are on the rise, and you NEED to protect yourself. get pap smears regularly! use condoms, use condoms, use condoms. it's only fair to protect you and your partners.

sorry to be a mommy-type, but i'd hate to think that my little community of revolutionaries was being careless. we're all much smarter than that.

it's up to us to change the way society thinks about female sexuality, so you've GOT to stay in the game.
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