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Grafenburg Spot

"Finally, slide your index finger into her, skimming the upper wall. With most women, about one-and-one half inches inside, you’ll feel a slightly textured area of skin (it feels somewhat the same as the roof of your mouth).

"Just beyond this textured area is the g-spot, hidden in what feels like a 'valley'. If you go too far and pass the g-spot, you’ll feel a smooth 'plateau' that is flat for an inch or two, and then curves inward toward the cervix opening (which is also a very erotic spot if caressed lightly, although it is hard to reach).

"If you go too far and reach this plateau, back up to the bottom of the 'valley' and rub the down-slope between the valley and the edge of the textured area.

"In the most cases, the g-spot feels like a small bean or a very small nipple. At other times it can’t be sensed at all. Just like breasts or nipples, some women have small g-spot and others have larger ones. Once you have found the g-spot begin rubbing very lightly in a circular manner, at the rate of about one revolution per second. The pressure you apply should begin with about the same degree of pressure you would use to write your name on a steam fogged mirror."
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