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xwhorecorex's Journal

sexual liberation without shame
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1. This was a community created by forward thinking women who are unafraid of their sexuality; and those who support them. Check the memories section for a lovely report by Katy that features some of our ideas.

2. We are not here to judge and we aren't here to be petty: we want an end to sexual stereotyping. We do not care who you are, what your background is; just that you support our cause and are ready to have your voice heard. We welcome all types of opinions, just make sure that you don't flame.

3. Feel free to post about stereotyping you see in everyday life, questions about sexual health, tips, ways to change how society views female sexuality, literature etc...please, no petty arguing OK? Also, don't talk too much about how you're going to get laid tonight.

4. We are sick of being judged by a hypocritical society that feels that male sexual pleasure is the number one priority. We are fed up with being treated as toys. ATTENTION: This community is for females AND males, so spread the word kids. We want equality between men and women, so that both genders can enjoy sexuality and liberation without shame.

5. Please contact one of the mods or use the e-mail above if you have any questions/comments

Also, we're not here to call one another names or make false accusations. People change and it's sad of course, but we should put our differences aside and work to make a change. Let's not breed even more stereotypes about how women always fight one another. Also, please don't post about your Suicide Girl (or other sites like that) set - while it is liberating to be proud of one's body, many of those sites can only further breed the stereotypes we're trying to eliminate.

p.p.s. background image © Anne Taintor

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